Antique Clock & Watch Auction

Saturday, May 14th at 1pm Watches
Saturday, May 14th at 3:30pm Clocks

Sunday, May 15th at 10am Clocks

No Sales Tax in New Hampshire, Buyer's premium 15%, less 2.5% for cash or check. 


ADJ     Adjusted

AN      Arabic Numeral

C         Circa

DMK   Damascene

g         Grams

GF      Gold Filled

H        Height

HB&B  Hinged Back and Bezel

HC      Hunting Case

J          Jewel

K         Carat

L          Length

mm     Millimeters

NI        Nickel

OF       Open Face

oz         Ounces

POS     Position

RG       Rose Gold

RN      Roman Numeral

S          Size

S#       Serial Number

SB&B   Screw Back and Bezel

TEMP  Temperature

TW     Total Weight

W        Width

WG     White Gold

WGF   White Gold Filled

YG       Yellow Gold

YGF    Yellow Gold Filled