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Lots 959 - 965: Skeleton Clocks

Lot#: 959

DESCRIPTION: Auguste Moinau et Rolland Degrege, Paris, a good, two day, weight driven skeleton clock with thermometer, a pair of turned columns flanking the silvered thermometer scale, and supporting the well finished, pierced brass frames enclosing the four wheel train with recoil escapement, the back plate signed by the makers and with serial number 16, roman numeral silvered dial with blued steel Breguet style hands, brass clad weight and counterweights suspended from decorated ring link chain, and wound by pulling a cord, all surmounted by a gilt eagle resting on a silvered sphere, and resting on an oblong, inlaid, rosewood veneered base, and contained within a large glass dome with conforming, velvet lined socle
CONDITION: all brass, excepting the eagle and chain, has been polished and lacquered, thermometer scale with tarnish, dial restored, sphere supporting eagle resilvered, hands with spots of oxide, sheet iron plate on top of rosewood base now painted black, rosewood base with minor splits and repairs, pendulum good, movement running, dome dirty and with scratches, socle refinished and relined. A few examples of this style skeleton clock are known bearing the signature of Simon Willard on the thermometer scale, in addition to having the names of Moinau & Degrege on the back plate. See "The Willard House and Clock Museum and The Willard Family Clockmakers," by Dr. Roger W. Robinson and Herschel B. Burt, pp. 203-204 for illustrations of an example in the Willard House collection.
ESTIMATE: $4000 - $6000
CIRCA: 1835
DIMENSIONS: 25in x 19in x 12in

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Lot#: 960

DESCRIPTION: John Pace, Bury, St. Edmunds, an 8 day skeleton timepiece, the brass plates and base with beveled edges, round, rear plate with scroll supports, the shield shaped front plate bearing the motion work, mainspring setup ratchet and click, and supporting the barrel, fusee, and center wheel, the third and escape wheels supported by a decorative cock, light wheel work with five spoke crossings, gilt, skeletonized Arabic numeral dial with knurled inner and outer ring, and pebble finish numerals, blued steel spade hands, all resting on an oval brass base with ball feet and conforming glass dome. Front of base signed "John Pace Bury St. Edmunds 271 "
CONDITION: brass plates and base with minor tarnish and fingerprint staining, base with oil residue, dial good, minute hand short, hour wheel now with solid center, rim and teeth appear to be original, escape wheel replaced, barrel cover and barrel edge with marks from tightening, dome old, but too tall for the clock, running
ESTIMATE: $1200 - $1600
CIRCA: 1850
DIMENSIONS: 13in x 8.5in x 6in

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Lot#: 961

DESCRIPTION: John Pace, Bury, St. Edmunds, a rare miniature skeleton timepiece, the brass scroll frames and brass base with beveled edges, the back plate measuring just 5 1/4" in height, 8 day fusee movement with thread suspension and recoil escapement and light wheels with five spoke crossings, skeletonized, Arabic numeral dial with knurled inner and outer rings, blued steel Breguet style hands, all resting on an ebonized oval base with brass ball feet and conforming dome. Brass base signed "John Pace Bury St. Edmunds 229 "
CONDITION: brass base, feet and frames with minor tarnish, hole in back plate for pallet arbor enlarged, and with burrs, dial good, hands reblued, hour hand with minor oxide, wheel side of barrel with scratches, dents and solder, barrel also with replaced teeth, crutch replaced, pendulum replaced, and with repairs, ebonized base with loss at left, dome good.
ESTIMATE: $1400 - $1800
CIRCA: 1850
DIMENSIONS: 8.5in x 6.125in x 3.75in

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Lot#: 962

DESCRIPTION: Faivre, a Trevillers, an unusual 8 day, quarter striking skeleton clock with calendar, the clock supported by two gilt columns on square plinths, roman numeral white enamel dial with gilt, palmette ornamented bezel, and date display within the Roman chapter, fancy gilt hands with blued steel date hand, two train, quarter striking movement, the upper half of the front plate with pierced and engraved acanthus leaf ornament, the lower half with acanthus engraving, strike work mounted to the back plate, the quarters sounding on two bells, pendulum with steel rod and brass bob, all resting on a faux marble, turned base with brass feet and dome
CONDITION: running and striking, left column with casting flaws, brass base plate with minor spotting and tarnish, dial with many hairlines, filled loss and small chip at 9:00, minute hand broken, time click with poor repair, strike click shortened, crutch replaced, back cock repaired, pendulum suspension converted from thread to steel spring, bell stand replaced, marbled base with darkened varnish, largely obscuring the decorative finish, base with plugged holes and newer holes for feet, one foot loose, dome replaced
ESTIMATE: $1500 - $2000
CIRCA: 1830
DIMENSIONS: 17in x 7in x

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Lot#: 963

DESCRIPTION: Fournier, a Paris, an early 19th century, month going great wheel skeleton clock, the gilt, inverted Y frames joined by three cylindrical pillars with molded and knurled ends, 6 1/2 inch great wheel with fusee, driven by a large barrel partially concealed in the white marble base, the second wheel concentric with and slightly larger than the Arabic numeral white enamel dial, tic tac escapement with silk thread suspension, blued steel spade hands, and gilt Medusa mask pendulum, the whole resting on ball feet, and under an oval dome with conforming wooden base
CONDITION: running, dirty and oily, great wheel with dings at ends of spokes, second wheel replaced, crutch replaced, hands replaced, dial restored, with crack at 4:00 and two tiny edge flakes, marble base with small filled holes, indicating loss of applied ornament, pendulum with repairs, brass sub base and feet replaced, 20th century purpose made base with dome
ESTIMATE: $1500 - $2000
CIRCA: 1815
DIMENSIONS: 20.5in x 11.75in x 7in

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Lot#: 964

DESCRIPTION: E. Fisher, Bath, England, an attractive, small skeleton clock with lever escapement, the finely fretted brass frames well proportioned and finished, fusee movement with six spoke crossings, skeletonized barrel, jeweled lever escapement and steel balance, Roman numeral skeletonized silvered dial, and with plate engraved "E. Fisher Bath" below, steel spade and poker hands, mounted to an ebonized wooden base with glass dome
CONDITION: Frames with staining, rear frame with minor bend at upper left, dial with fine scratches and minor tarnish, hands with loss to blue and minor oxide, some steel with minor oxide, movement very oily and with accumulated dirt, runs well, but should be serviced, base repainted and with new fabric, dome replaced, and trimmed with electrical tape
ESTIMATE: $1000 - $1500
CIRCA: 1840
DIMENSIONS: 13.5in x 11in x 6in

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Lot#: 965

DESCRIPTION: Whytock & Sons, Dundee, a mid 19th century skeleton clock with passing strike, the frames fretted in the form of vines and foliage topped with a finely finished bell, the fusee movement with recoil escapement and inline wheelwork with five spoke crossings confined to the center of the frame and so allowing for a very open design, the silvered dial with gothic roman numerals also following the frame design, and incorporating thistle, vine and shamrock motifs, fancy blued steel hands and heavy brass clad pendulum, beneath an oval glass dome with conforming wooden base
CONDITION: frames with minor tarnish and staining, dial with minor bends and tarnish, base and dome replaced, clock feet now with risers to accomodate the new enclosure, ticking
ESTIMATE: $800 - $1200
CIRCA: 1850
DIMENSIONS: 18.75in x 12.25in x 9in

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