AUCTION : 1018

Lots 710 - 717: Carriage & Travel Clocks

Lot#: 710

DESCRIPTION: Mathey-Tissot & Co., Switzerland, an enamelled, miniature, minute repeating travel or desk clock with leather bound box, the silver gilt case with black bordered, green enamel panels, with polychrome enamel and gilt ornament, and resting on a molded, green jade base, arabic numeral oval dial with enamelled silver gilt hands, 15 jewel, key wound and set nickel movement with lever platform and cut bimetallic balance, the repeating activated through a jade and silver gilt button at case top, contained in its original gilt stamped, green leather bound, silk lined protective box.
CONDITION: case very good, gilding worn from exterior of case, enamel with a few minor scratches, dial and hands very good, very minor losses to a few numerals, movement with fine scratches and minor spotting, dirty, one gong replaced and of incorrect pitch, running and repeating correctly, would benefit from service, outer box minor losses to base, leather with minor losses and staining at left, clock dimensions listed
ESTIMATE: $2500 - $3500
CIRCA: 1920
DIMENSIONS: 3.25in x 2.125in x 1.75in

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Lot#: 711

DESCRIPTION: Le Roi & Fils, Paris, a late 18th century grand sonnerie striking Pendule d'Officier, the round gilt bronze case with stepped, rectangular base on paw feet, the sides with applied Medusa masks below a wheat ear ornamented frieze and foliate finials at the corners, and with incurved top, surmounted by an oval, foliate ornament with folding ouroboros handle, hinged brass bezel with convex beveled glass, Arabic numeral white enamel dial, blued steel hands, 30 hour, grand sonnerie striking and repeating movement with alarm, time train with fusee, strike train with barrel, the alarm wound by pulling a fine chain at the left side of the case, the repeating activated through a chain at the right, strike work mounted to back plate, and with verge escapement, the plain three arm balance visible beneath the pierced balance bridge, mounted to the back plate, the back plate stamped "SRF "
CONDITION: case lacking gilding and with rouge residue in recessed areas, tarnish and minor staining from handling, dial with filled losses and inpainted scratches, hour and minute hands replaced, movement running, striking and repeating, sometimes repeating incorrectly, alarm functional
ESTIMATE: $1800 - $2500
CIRCA: 1790

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Lot#: 712

DESCRIPTION: France, a giant carriage timepiece of 60 day duration, gilt Corniche case with beveled glasses, Arabic numeral white enamel dial with matte, silvered mask, blued steel Breguet style hands, brass, long duration movement with large lever platform
CONDITION: case regilded, dirty, minor scratches, front glass with loss at lower left, dial, mask, and hands very good, movement polished and lacquered, running
ESTIMATE: $1800 - $2500

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Lot#: 713

DESCRIPTION: France, an unusual and decorative hour repeating carriage clock, the gilt, glazed, Anglaise Riche variant case with stepped base below a fluted band, the corners with bead and reel molding, and supporting an entablature echoing the base with simple molded cornice, the top with folding, Anglaise variant handle, Arabic numeral white enamel dial with blued steel distaff hands, the bright gilt mask with applied, finely chased, matte finished, gilt floral and foliate ornament, 8 day, two train movement with lever platform and cut bimetallic balance, striking the hour and half hour in passing, and repeating the last hour on demand
CONDITION: exterior of case regilded, left glass with chip at lower left, rear glass with chips at upper right, and small chip at bottom, dial with hairline at 12:00, hands now painted black, movement polished, back plate with oil runs and dirt, platform with minor tarnish, running, striking, and repeating correctly
ESTIMATE: $800 - $1200
CIRCA: 1890
DIMENSIONS: 7.25in x 3.75in x 3.5in

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Lot#: 714

DESCRIPTION: Attributed to Holingue Freres, for Breguet, 12 Rue De La Paix, Paris, a Gorge cased, grand sonnerie striking carriage clock with leather bound box, the gilt brass case set with five beveled glass panels, gilt dial mask signed "Breguet No. 2739", roman numeral ivory dial, with subsidiary Arabic numeral ivory alarm dial, blued steel hands, 8 day, three train movement with lever platform, striking the hours and quarters in passing, and repeating the last hour and quarter on demand, the base with three position lever for silence, petite sonnerie or grand sonnerie, with leather bound, velvet lined travel case, the inside of the lid with the Breguet name and address in gold, the bottom also with the Breguet mark, and "No. 2739", with original key
CONDITION: case tarnished, with remnants of gilding in recesses, repeat pusher button replaced, front glass with tiny flake at lower right, rear of cornice with small spots of corrosion, dial mask dirty, time dial cracked at 4:00, minute and alarm hands replaced, movement with minor discoloration and tarnish, minor marks and scratches, platform replaced, strike barrel with replaced tooth, running, striking, and repeating working correctly, travel case with minor wear and scuffing, leather handle nearly detached, lining with wear and losses, travel case dimensions listed. Striking will require readjustment following shipping. Note to non U.S. bidders: the presence of ivory in this lot will require a CITES permit for export. All permit applications, fees and arrangements required to secure an export permit will be the sole responsibility of the winning bidder.
ESTIMATE: $1200 - $1600
CIRCA: 1880
DIMENSIONS: 6.75in x 4.25in x 4.5in

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Lot#: 715

DESCRIPTION: France, Pillars variant hour repeating carriage clock, the glazed, gilt brass case with turned feet, fluted columns, and turned finials, the base and frieze with gilt, blind fret, and the case top with carrying handle matching the columns, gilt dial mask enframing the Arabic numeral white enamel dial, with subsidiary enamel alarm dial below 6:00, blued steel spade hands, 8 day, three train movement with lever platform, striking the hour and half hour in passing, and repeating the last hour on demand, and with H.B. mark within an upturned crescent
CONDITION: case with tarnish and minor spotting, a few small spots of verdigris, gilding polished off, blind fret with wear to gilding, dial mask dirty, hands with specks of oxide, alarm dial with hairlines, movement oily, dirty, some steel with minor oxide and rust, alarm set arbor with modifications, alarm release cam absent from set arbor, but is present between the front plate and release lever, alarm runs when wound, but cannot be set, running, striking, and repeating correctly
ESTIMATE: $400 - $600
CIRCA: 1900
DIMENSIONS: 7.5in x 4in x 3.5in

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Lot#: 716

DESCRIPTION: Boston Clock Co., Boston, Mass., carriage clock, 8 day, time only, spring driven movement with jeweled lever escapement in a cast gilt case replete with Grecian ornament reminiscent of French clocks from the 1830s, the movement is enclosed in a glass drum, silvered dial with Roman numerals, fine Breguet variant hands in blued steel.
CONDITION: The cast case is in very good condition. There are some fine scratches to the gilt finish on the base. Front and back beveled glasses as well as cylindrical glass around the movement are all good. The silver on the dial is yellowing on the upper right side. There is some dirt and wear around the winding arbor hole. Very nicely made hands. The small lever that comes through the dial to adjust the rate is absent, but this can be done from the back of the clock. The movement is signed and stamped with the serial number 13473B.
ESTIMATE: $400 - $600
CIRCA: 1914
DIMENSIONS: 9in x 4.5in x 4in

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Lot#: 717

DESCRIPTION: Gubelin, Switzerland, a hexagonal, faux malachite and gilt brass world time table clock, the case on compressed ball feet with upper and lower plates connected by pillars, and separated by a cylindrical mid section, fluted bezel with convex glass, the time display with outer ring engraved with important international cities, surrounding a 24 hour dial, and with central 12 hour dial, powered 8 day timepiece movement with lever escapement
CONDITION: dirty, finish with minor marring, scratches, losses to gilding, dials and city ring good, running
ESTIMATE: $300 - $500

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