Condition Report For Lot# 869 :
case polished and lacquered, with minor spotting and corrosion, a few dings, dial with minor scratches, movement with minor scratches and staining, one movement pillar with burr raised to adjust endshake, regulator with specks of oxide, running and striking correctly, would benefit from service. Correspondence between the consignor and Emmanuel Breguet is included with this clock, and states in part "This Breguet No. 1316 ... is perfectly genuine; completed in 1871, sold on November 8, 1871, to Mr. Acosta, for the sum of 400 Ffr. During 30 years, the clock is regularly serviced by Breguet Paris (6 times), and the owner is still the "Docteur Acosta, 24 rue du Luxembourg, a Paris". In addition to the Breguet signature, the movement bears the stamp "H.L.", and the platform is marked "J.S." with elongated, octagonal border, and is also marked "Soldano" on the underside. For many years, the H.L. mark was thought to have been that of Henry Lemaile. Recent research by Leigh Extence has reattributed the mark to Holingue Freres, suppliers of blancs to Drocourt and others. research into the Jacot and Drocourt firms can be found at