Condition Report For Lot# 862 :
case very good, with minor losses to gilding, rear glass with chips at lower left and right, repeat button replaced, dial with a few faint hairlines, masks good, movement with staining, running, striking, and repeating correctly, alarm mainspring broken, hammers with repairs, gongs with minor oxide, alarm bell repaired, low balance amplitude, striking sluggish, needs service. The Drocourt firm produced some of the finest and most decorative carriage clocks for high end retailers; Hamman & Koch, established in 1861, were importers of French clocks and bronzes, Dutch hall clocks, and dealt in fine watches and jewelry. For many years, the H.L. mark was thought to have been that of Henry Lemaile. Recent research by Leigh Extence has reattributed the mark to Holingue Freres, suppliers of blancs to Drocourt and others. research into the Jacot and Drocourt firms can be found at