Condition Report For Lot# 642 :
(1) The case has been refinished after some veneer repair. The gilt trim around the door glasses has been painted with gold paint. The original painted dial is in good condition with minor loss around the winding arbors, The hands are original. The movement is signed. The door glasses are original; (2) The rosewood veneer is in excellent condition and retains its original finish. The original painted dial shows wear and poor restoration. The hands are original. The movement is signed. (3) With the exception of a small scratch on the base, the rosewood veneered case is in excellent condition with original finish. The paper dial has aged nicely. The hands are original. Both door glasses appear to be original. (4) There is veneer loss at several spots on the case. The original finish has darkened and there rare areas of loss. The original paper dial now shows discoloration. The hands are original. The door glasses are original with restoration to the bottom glass. Note: The largest dimensions are for clock number 4.