Condition Report For Lot# 634 :
(1) Refinished walnut case in nice condition. Paper dial has been replaced. Original hands, pendulum and tablet. Partial label on the back; (2) Walnut case looks to have a newer finish over remains of the old. Original paper dial has age darkened and is soiled around the winding arbors. Original hands, tablet and pendulum. Dark label on the back. (3) Walnut case that has remains of original finish. Original paper dial has age darkened with surface abrasion and soiled areas at the winding arbors. Original hands and pendulum. Original tablet has some wear to the decoration on the right side. Movement is signed. Clean label inside. (4) Oak case was refinished and now has a glossy finish. There is small repair to the right tip just above the round pressed oak decoration. Original paper dial has surface stains. Original hands and pendulum. The gold decoration on the door glass is a replaced. Nearly complete label on the back.