Condition Report For Lot# 629 :
(1) The case has been refinished. The paper dial has aged. The hands appear to be correct. The movement is signed; (2) The case retains its original finish which has alligatored. The gilt dial is in nice condition. The hands are original. The movement is signed. (3) The case is in excellent condition with original finish. The paper dial has aged and there is loss in several areas. The hands are original. The door glasses are original. The movement is signed. (4) This clock may well be the "Baltic VP" from the F. Kroeber Clock Co. which used Seth Thomas movements as well as those from several other well known Connecticut manufacturers. The rosewood case is in near perfect condition, however most of the finish is gone. The paper dial shows significant discoloration. The hands are correct for this Kroeber model. Note: The largest dimensions fore for clock number 4.