Condition Report For Lot# 581 :
(1) Mahogany case in original finish has repairs to the bottom board and extra screws at the throat sides to the hold the weight guide. Both tablets are replaced. Original painted dial has soiled areas and stains and some loss at the mounting pins. Nice engraved pendulum. Original hands. Movement mounted to the case with a center screw through the backboard. Unusual finial looks old, perhaps original. They were clockmakers at 63 Congress Street, Boston; (2) Model five Howard type timepiece in original grain painted cherry case in original finish has some scratches on the throat door and some damage on the bottom of the throat door. The bottom tablet looks original, while the throat glass is a replacement. Painted dial has loss at the mounting screws and some soiled areas. The dial looks to be original, but there are extra holes in the head. Hands are period and look original. Weight baffle is a replacement as there are slots cut into the throat sides for a longer weight baffle. Pendulum rod is replaced.