Condition Report For Lot# 534 :
(1) Mahogany and mahogany veneered case in an original finish has a couple small corner chips. Original painted dial has some paint loss at the mounting pins and clear varnish overcoat. Original bottom tablet has lifting of the background and old repairs. The throat glass is a replacement. The wood sidearms and dial bezel have repairs. Top plinth looks to be a replacement; (2) Mahogany and mahogany veneered case in an old and possibly original finish. The veneer on the doors is fine except for a veneer repair on the throat. The period dial has some paint loss at 1 o'clock and may or may not be original to the case as there are extra holes in the head. Replaced minute hand. Throat tablet is a replacement. The bottom tablet looks to be original. The case has repair at the bottom door hinge and the bottom case sides from damage to the bottom board. Brass sidearms are thick and maybe a later addition as these clock cases are not usually found with brass sidearms. Dial door has a repair at the hinge and a shrinkage crack.