Condition Report For Lot# 271 :
a known problem is that the gesso cracks over time, and there are many cracks, however there are NO MISSING PIECES, which is amazing,. We do suggest that if you bid on this clock, you come in person or arrange to have someone transport it for you, or damage is likely. Original dial (darkening) and pendulum are excellent; old hands from another clock are too short. Movement is complete and sound, but dirty. Here is some info on the company, from the Pennsylvania Historical Society: Votti & Newman, manufacturers of Votti's Patent clocks with one year movements, also one month movements with winding up designs, 2132 Market St, Philadelphia, PA. Among those who are extensively engaged in the manufacture of clocks and regulators is the firm of Votti & Newman, who carry on a large business with [sic] all parts of the country. The firm makes a specialty of finer grade clocks and regulators with Mr. Votti's patented movement (s), which are made to run one week, one month, six months and twelve months. The regulators are constructed of the best materials and contain many valuable improvements of Mr. Votti's own invention..........cases of rich, rare, elegant and unique designs..... the only regulator clock factory in Pennsylvania. See internet for additional info. From the Hugh Grant Rowell collection at Dartmouth College.