Condition Report For Lot# 218 :
the clock is in overall good condition, one corner chip at left waist level, and another top right. Case has been stripped and lightly waxed.. Note there is a seconds hand at the bottom that rotates once a minute, and seems to "set off" the minute rollers as it makes each revolution [definitely rotates once a minute]. Near the top of the dial is the slogan "Zeit is Geld" (time is money), and below the openings for the rollers, to the left marked "Stunde" (hours) and to the right "Minuten" (minutes}. Inquiry on this very clock was made in the Jan 1994 issue of the NAWCC Bulletin (page 506), and it is pictured on that page. Students of German digital clocks will know that Paul Weber patented several formats of digital movements [one with rotating discs instead of rollers]. This movement is marked 00527, and the words "Patent, PAUL WEBER". Will need adjustment. Absolutely rare and unusual.