Condition Report For Lot# 136 :
dial is original and undisturbed and the center hole is elongated for the hand arbor probably due to careless mounting of the dial to the case, old case surface was refinished some time ago, stained dark with some open grain, period weight and pendulum. All of the Ball Watch Co. timekeepers, both watches and clocks, were produced under contract to their strict standards. The movement chart in the rear of Demeter's book on Chelsea, pages 248-249, gives production details. Note the following: first order was on 10/24/24: 20 2Q clocks ordered by Ball. Second order placed on 12/05/24, 10 more 2Qs; then 12/24/24 90 more 2Qs. Last order was 11/18/26 for 100 2Qs. Total 2Qs appears to be 220 made for Webb C. Ball. Interestingly, in filling the contract, Chelsea patterned not only the case, but also the movement after the the Seth Thomas Regulator No. 3, but with their typical quality refinements and spoked hour wheel. .Seth Thomas also supplied their #3 to Ball, see "Railroad Timekeeping" NAWCC, Chicagoland Chapter. This movement is clearly signed Chelsea Clock Co., Boston, U.S.A., and with serial number shown above. The case on this clock is about 50% heavier than the veneered Seth Thomas case. We sold a similar example from the Wasserman collection in October of 2011 for $7000 plus 15% Buyer's Premium. The only Chelsea weight driven clock rarer than this is their No. 5.