Condition Report For Lot# 831 :
case in original surface, dirty, and with very minor losses, case back missing behind base section, case bottom badly damaged by falling weights, flocked paper good, dial with minor bends, tarnished and dirty and will need proper resilvering. Hands good, movement dirty, but complete, cock supporting chime fly arbor with minor bend, clock will function following proper service, weights with tarnish, pendulum rod with losses to gilding. Backboard at top of case dated 12:: 1886. There is currently no provision on the movement or the mounting bracket for hooking the free end of two of the three weight cables. The Howard catalog entry for the No. 77 describes this clock exactly, with the exception of the movement; the catalog shows a two train version, while this is a three train, with quarter striking. Examination shows that the clock came from the factory in this configuration, and was not altered later, and so was likely a special order. The clock is in very good condition overall, and with some careful work will be a spectacular example.