Condition Report For Lot# 516 :
(1) Rosewood veneered case in an old finish. Ht 15.5" (2) Refinished walnut case. Door glass and alarm movement are missing. Original dial pan and bezel are separated and will need repair. Original hands and pendulum. Ht 24.5" (3) Walnut case has remains of original finish and damage to the finish on the front edge. Paper dial has been replaced. Hour hand is not original. Statues look to be original. There is no glass dome. Ht 17" (4) Rosewood and rosewood veneered case in original finish, but missing its gallery top and backboard. Ht 15.25" (5) Oak veneered case in an old finish. Original dial has some minor damage. Door glass is missing. Original Hands. Ht 8.75" (6) Mahogany case in original finish. Ht 9" (7) Rosewood and mahogany veneered case in original finish has veneer loss on the base and a couple small spots on the door. Original painted dial is soiled with some paint loss at the mounting screws. Original hands and tablet. Clean label inside the case. Ht 13.25" (8) Refinished mahogany veneered case has some veneer damage on the front molding and the door. Paper dial has age darkened and is a replacement. Hands are mismatched. Original tablet has loss to the background. Ht 13.5" (9) Walnut case in worn original finish. Paper dial looks replaced. The bottom supports on the movement that supports the dial have pierced through the dial. Turned wood buttons just above the mirror are missing. The movement has separated from the base. Original hands. Pendulum is missing. There is no glass dome. Original statues with some wear to the finish. Ht 17"