Condition Report For Lot# 499 :
(1) Minimal veneer damage good original hands and painted wooden dial; no weights. Ht. 26in. (2) Very good case, hands and glasses. The dial is paper. No weights. Ht. 25.75in. (3) Case has minimal veneer damage; old painted dial now covered with a paper dial. Hands are original. Case label is excellent; both door glass are old; no weights. Ht.31in. (4) Some veneer damage; painted wooden dial; original hands; excellent label; no weights; Ht. 26in. (5) Some veneer damage; dial overpainted; hands do not match; no weights; door glasses all original, but tablet has loss, Ht. 30.5in. (6) Case has veneer damage; no hands or weights; the original William B. Fenn glass tablet is excellent. Ht. 29in.