Condition Report For Lot# 494 :
(1) The case has its original finish which has darkened with age, The original paper dial shows signs of wear. The hands are original. The lower glass is original with the Regulator strip added later. Ht. 34in. (2) The case retains its original finish. The glasses are original. The paper dial is showing some spotting. The hands are original. Ht. 35.5in. (3) The case has lost its original finish. The paper dial and hands are original. The glasses appear replaced. Ht. 35in. (4) The case is missing much of the top and the base. The correct dial, weights and door glass are absent. Ht. 34in. (5) There is damage to the case. One glass side panel is missing. The porcelain dial and hands are original and in good condition. Ht.33in.