Condition Report For Lot# 447 :
(1) Nicely restored mahogany veneered case. Stenciled columns have been restored. Period dial has areas of wear and some paint loss across the middle area. Period hands, but the hour hand probably came from a movement that had an alarm and the minute hand is too short. Period wood movement, but not made by Seth Thomas. Period mirror is a replacement. Clean label inside. No weights. (2) Partially refinished mahogany veneered case. Veneer on the bottom door lock side has been replaced. Good gilt and painted plaster eagle splat. The mid- case columns, feet, chimney caps and center mirror and its retainers are missing. Original painted dial is fairly clean but does have some small paint loss in the center area. Tablet by Tom Moberg. Clean label inside. The clock does have weights. (3) Mahogany veneered case with a later coat of shellac over an original finish. Original painted dial has some wear to the gilt chapter ring and corner spandrels. Original tablet has scattered loss. Side returns, pendulum bob, bell, hands and weights are missing.