Condition Report For Lot# 442 :
(1) Walnut case with contrasting burl panels in an old finish is in nice condition. Time dial looks replaced. Paper calendar dial is replaced. The upper movement is inside the case, but is now detached from the seatboard. Calendar movement is missing. Hands and pendulum are missing. Ht 25" (2) Walnut case has lost most of its original finish. Side moldings on the upper right and left are missing. Original paper time dial is stained with surface abrasion. Original hands. Original calendar dial has some stains. Calendar movement is missing. Backboard is missing. Ht 22.5" (3) Walnut case has remains of original finish. Original paper time dial has surface abrasion. Original paper calendar dial has age darkened. Original time hands. Calendar hand is missing. Original calendar rollers have age darkened. Original finial inside the case. ht 23"