Condition Report For Lot# 600 :
(1) The mahogany case retains its original finish with some veneer loss on the lower right base and lower left front side. The original painted dial shows loss at the two winding holes and the lower left of the dial. The hands are period but may not be from this clock since the minute hand needs a slightly larger opening to fit the center post. The movement has brass springs and a center count wheel at the rear of the movement. Both glasses are original and in excellent condition with the lower glass likely a William B. Fenn glass. Ht 19". (2) The rosewood case has lost its original finish but is in very good condition with no veneer damage. The columns have been painted with a gold paint. The dial has been repainted and shows some discoloration outside the chapter ring. The hour hand is original, but the minute hand is too short. The movement is signed, Both the upper glass and tablet are original. Ht 17 1/2".