Condition Report For Lot# 596 :
(1) Dark blue Majolica-style case is not signed with applied flowers has slight damage to one of the flowers and small piece off the bud on the right side. There are a couple small cracks in the case that looks to have happened in the firing process. There is a small chip just above 12 o'clock. Porcelain dial is perfect and original hands. Movement is signed. The rear access door is loose. (2) Mahogany case in original finish with scratches and small damaged area at the front left corner. Original dial signed: "Harry L.e Meine, Blackburn", has loss most of its silvering. The minute hand is a replacement. For whatever reason someone has cut the bottom out of the case and as a result the gong rod has broken off, but is inside the case. The rear door knob is missing. The top has finial, though the present one seems a bit small.