Condition Report For Lot# 176 :
CASE: Minor dent, band; Fine scratches on outer surface of case; Scratches on cuvette; Engine turning / engraving worn smooth; Precious metal content tested. DIAL: Specks of dirt / dust. HANDS: Loss to bluing / color. MOVEMENT PLATES: Fine scratches on plate; Minor spotting; Minor staining and verdigris; Specks of dirt / dust. MOVEMENT FUNCTION: Not running, broken mainspring, gummy, good staff, needs service. Note: The owner George R. Brince was born in March, 1840 in Mass. and lived much of his life at Cambridge. He was age 21 when he acquired this watch. He operated George R. Brine & Co., a clothing establishment located on Washington Street, Boston in the 1870's. He died in 1928 at Winchester, Mass. age 88.