Condition Report For Lot# 1092 :
Diamond head wall clocks were designed by Daniel Monroe, Jr. This case shows enough age to make it difficult to determine when this timepiece was actually made. Although it could be late 19th century, it MAY be a product of a wealthy Massachusetts collector (now deceased and we will not name) who was known for buying original movements and old case parts and manufacturing "great rarities" which he sold to as to investor/collectors or donated to museums for large tax write-offs If so, this clock is no more than 60 years old. However, it has a great appearance and has a period movement, probably by Aaron Willard, Jr. (similar to Aaron Jr. movements shown in Foley's book on Willard Patent Timepieces), though it is stamped "L. Curtis". Hands are period and the lead weight is old. The maker was clever in designing a spring assembly to operate the alarm. Nicely executed glasses, now with some flaking. Dial is nice and dates to the time the clock was created. Ht 34"