Condition Report For Lot# 719 :
1) Mahogany case retains some original finish, but bezel which was probably grain painted is now base wood. Painted dial in good condition, Original hands. Ht 141/2" (2) Rosewood case retains original finish, dial has been repainted, glasses are original, Hands are probably replaced. Ht 19" (3) Mahogany veneered case retains some original finish, dial is flaking around edges and winding arbors, hour hand is not correct, finial tips are broken, Fenn eagle glass is original. Ht 16" (4) Mahogany rosewood case retains some original finish and has veneer chips on round side moldings dial is original but faded, Minute hand replaced. Top glass is original, bottom etched glass is a replacement, Excellent label. Ht 20" (5) Refinished mahogany case with missing veneer chips and veneer replacements. Dial is faded with some flaking, glasses are original with some flaking on the bottom glass. Ht 18"