Condition Report For Lot# 137 :
CASE: Minor dings; Scratches on outer surface of case; Plastic crystal; Minor scratches on crystal; Crown a bit high, stem needs to be shortened. DIAL: Minor scratch near dial screw, .35; Small flake, .38. HANDS: Good. MOVEMENT PLATES: Minor scratches on plate; Minor scratches on ratchet and crown wheels. MOVEMENT FUNCTION: Running order (winds, sets and ticks), hack function not working. Hamilton made 2494 of the 3992B (with conventional dials) for the Royal Navy c1942. This example was redialed by order of the Ministry of Defense in the 1960's for use as a work study watch, essentially a tool for timing various tasks and procedures, with the goal improving efficiency, maximizing effectiveness, and minimizing costs within the military. The outer chapter, numbered 1 - 10, allowed for recording measurements in decimal time, which made calculations easier. The original MoD designation (HS3, Deck Watch) has been crossed out on the back, and a new number assigned which is engraved over the manufacturers part number, reflecting its changed designation.