Condition Report For Lot# 1030 :
Case very good, the various components retaining their original surface treatments and lacquer, now with areas of accumulated dirt, minor wear, and losses, dial retains its original asphaltum coating, now with some alligatoring and loss, pressure relief cylinder, rating nut cap, and various nuts and washers also retain much of their original asphaltum, slate base with minor abrasions, hands darkened, movement with thickened oil, suspension intact and functional, mainsprings sticky, will need service in order to run reliably, will tick for a short time, but is out of beat, striking functional, screw and its threaded counterpart which retain back cover missing, Ht 17 7/8". The back cover has a piece of masking tape with the following information: " Wedding gift 1899 Herman and Pauline Cohn from Hermans uncle Solomon Jacob". The current clock may be the most original of any of this model that we have sold. If you have been searching for an untouched example, this is it.