Condition Report For Lot# 1023 :
not running; there is some minor edge roughness to the case at rear, balance intact and smooth. The bronze statue is finished in two-tone, the silvered robe with gold or other bright border, and the statue of a robed female weaver and yarn basket, with base signed M. B. Nadaud, Time and bell strike movement appears complete and sound, however top spindle is not now turning; will strike. It is unusual to find a conical model with modified pinwheel escapement. Note that the pendulum is a replacement; the pendulum for this model should be a large tapered yarn ball; see Derek Roberts book titled MYSTERY, NOVELTY & FANTASY CLOCKS, page 127 for example; additionally, the lady is supposed to be holding a smaller 2" yarn spindle in her left hand which is absent on ours. Ht 24"