Condition Report For Lot# 1004 :
this particular clock is illustrated in Rick Ortenburger's book titled VIENNA REGULATORS AND FACTORY CLOCKS (1990), page 51. Rick must have lost his notes on this clock, since it looks dark in the full photo but careful examination of the close up photo clearly shows the mahogany grain that matches he clock we have here. The inside of the case IS finished in black, but not the outside. If you have Rick's book, you will see that the dial, hands and pulley all match the photo plus we know where the clock has been for the last 25 years. Best part of this clock is the unique early movement. which has a half plate to carry the great & first wheels and separate cocks for the next 3 arbors, and finally a bridge for the rear pivot of the verge. The 8 inch dial retains bright gilding, the center with nice engine turned pattern and the chapter area turned with fine grooves to avoid reflection. At first the Roman numerals seem a bit heavy for this time period, however a look at Kaltenböck's book VIENNESE TIMEPIECES (1993), pages 182-183, will show other early examples with heavier numerals. Pendulum stick, suspension and rating assemblies are later, bob brass both sides. Glass is modern; seat board replaced. Hood sets on trunk by gravity. Hangs through hole in case. This is a large clock, ht 62"