Condition Report For Lot# 1000 :
this is generally good quality work, escapement changed and gravity arms added in the late 1800s to the square movement. This clock contains square form plates rather than the typical trapezoidal plates found in the standard Seth Thomas No. 16. The special glass dial signed "Gerry" shows small chips around the screw mounting holes, and some loss of paint. Note the clock runs reliably and with distinctive action of the gravity arms onto the brass keystone (pendulum hangs from the front of the movement) Also the keystone itself was replaced by the current owner, and not to the same standard as the balance of the work. A few screws have been replaced with heads that do not match. Still it is mechanically sound and will respond to additional refinement. Walnut case retains an old finish, with some losses (chip to top shell), but generally very good+ condition. Nickel reflector, weight, pulley and pendulum bob. Note also that this is one of the early "thin" cases, front to back. J.H. Gerry was an important figure in the development of the Self Winding Clock Co. Ht 76"