747 Unusual Victorian mechanical brooch, silver gilt rectangular case with engraved corners, a central recess containing two contra rotating pierced ornaments, the upper set with seed pearls and central red stone, the sides and ends of the piece with applied scallop form ornaments in green, small brass clockwork movement contained within, and wound from the back with fixed folding key, 1 3/8" x 1 3/4", c1880     Condition: Fine scratches and minor wear to gold, working intermittently, needs service
Estimate: $1,100 - $1,500
772 Regina Music Box Company, Rahway, N.J., "Orchestral Corona" automatic 27" disc changing upright music box, coin operated, in a mahogany Style 34 case with, cast brass corner spandrels on top doors, silk screening on glass reading "REGINA CORONA", and piano sounding board on back, c1910 including 12 discs     Condition: the music box is in outstanding condition. There is a great silk screening promoting retailer, "THEBES PIANO CO. The Piano and Music House of St. Louis. 1006 Olive St". For reference please see David Bower's "Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments", pages 203 - 206. Ht 66 1/2"
Estimate: $10,000 - $15,000
1000 J.H. Gerry, New York, N.Y., in case provided by Seth Thomas Clock Co. as a variant of "Regulator No. 16" with 8 days, time only, weight driven movement in walnut case with J. H. Gerry patent gravity escapement, c1885     Condition: this is generally good quality work, escapement changed and gravity arms added in the late 1800s to the square movement. This clock contains square form plates rather than the typical trapezoidal plates found in the standard Seth Thomas No. 16. The special glass dial signed "Gerry" shows small chips around the screw mounting holes, and some loss of paint. Note the clock runs reliably and with distinctive action of the gravity arms onto the brass keystone (pendulum hangs from the front of the movement) Also the keystone itself was replaced by the current owner, and not to the same standard as the balance of the work. A few screws have been replaced with heads that do not match. Still it is mechanically sound and will respond to additional refinement. Walnut case retains an old finish, with some losses (chip to top shell), but generally very good+ condition. Nickel reflector, weight, pulley and pendulum bob. Note also that this is one of the early "thin" cases, front to back. J.H. Gerry was an important figure in the development of the Self Winding Clock Co. Ht 76"
Estimate: $10,000 - $15,000
1142 Germany, singing bird box in the form of a sterling silver turtle, the action triggered by a pull slide at the rear, the turtle with pivoted head and slight back and forth movement while the bird performs, 7 1/4" L, 20th century     Condition: Working, bird with minor loss to feathers, movement of turtle head may be improved with service
Estimate: $4,000 - $5,000