Condition Report For Lot# 994 :
although minor items need attention, suspension spring needs renewal and seconds hand is missing, this clock is otherwise in excellent original condition, with nice finish on the walnut case, original hardware, hands, dial, etc. The heavy high quality movement has 3 plates [an intermediate one for reduced stress], and maintaining power; 6 wheels in train, winds to right] Note carved gargoyles flank the door, which has heavily beveled glass. The top carved wreath may be removed if desired, and the clock looks fine without it, just that it came that way, so we took original accordingly. Case separates above base for easier transport; door over dial has double latches and lifts off/out rather than hinged. Note weights pass through oval hole in waist board for final 3 months. Overall exceptional quality. Ht with extra crest 101", with only original top carving 98"