Condition Report For Lot# 966 :
Mahogany half round molding door frames with several shrinkage cracks and some loss on the bottom. Throat door has some cracks as well. Original painted dial has some loss at the mounting pins. The numbers look to be original as the fine cracks in the dial paint show through the black numbers. The signature looks to be original and may have been enhanced. Canvas strips have been used to repair cracks in the backboard. A new piece of wood was used to repair the head at the top. The throat tablet looks original with some loss. Bottom tablet is not original. Period hands. Pendulum is missing. T-bridge brass movement with through bolts and a straight click pawl. The design of the spring that contacts the pawl is very similar to one pictured in: "Willard's Patent Time Pieces" by Paul Foley, pg. 37 that lends some credence to believe that this is a Cummens banjo. Ht 29 1/2"