Condition Report For Lot# 937 :
this clock has been in storage and has suffered some in time; there is loose incised brass here and there that needs affixing, and splits in the boulle veneer that need attention. The large casting of Minerva speaking to the egret retains original gilding. The top statue has about 2/3 of its gilding intact, however she is missing a flag from her own right hand, a vacant hole, and her back has a hole and pin that would have held the downward tip of the flag. Movement recently cleaned and bushed, is running and striking on bell mounted on top of case. The cast and chased brass dial retains some of its original gilding, however the cartouche numerals have met with chips and loss to the porcelain, some repaired; numeral 12 has large central loss. Hand tooled gilt hands are original. Rear door and hinges are later replacements. Clocks of this type are still made today, This one would have been made around a century after the style became popular in France, end of 18th Century. Ht as shown 35"