Condition Report For Lot# 90 :
CASE: Dent, edge of back cover, right; Minor scratches on outer surface of case; Precious metal content marked. DIAL: Excellent . HANDS: Very good. MOVEMENT PLATES: Minor scratches on plate; Small spot of oxide on balance endstone setting; Specks of dirt / dust. MOVEMENT FUNCTION: Running order (winds, sets and ticks), would benefit from cleaning. Jacob Hopper was an undertaker and embalmer working in Brooklyn, NY during the second half of the 19th century. He was the embalmer of abolitionist John Brown, and an organizer of the New York State Undertakers Association. He also served as the treasurer and senior warden of the Third Masonic District, Brooklyn. The enameling on the cuvette confirms his Masonic connections. The watch is of very high quality, and unusual in that the only name found on it is that of Mr. Hopper. The watch movement is similar in design to watches manufactured by Tiffany & Co. during the late 19th century, and was probably ordered by Mr. Hopper through one of the prominent New York jewelers importing high quality Swiss work for sale in the United States. An exceptional watch with a very interesting history.