Condition Report For Lot# 773 :
Chronometre Magno - case with minor scratches and some wear to plating, glass and bezel with glue residue, dial with glue residue, otherwise very good, hands good, movement with minor scratches and a bit of haze, oily and with specks of dirt, crown wheel with two broken teeth, winds, sets and ticks, box with dings and scratches, interior with split and old repairs, plaque with losses to plating. Tamaya & Co. - case with minor scratches, glass with a few minor scratches, dial very good, minute hand with some unevenness in color, movement with some scratches, winding wheels with minor oxide, specks of dirt and dust, gummy, winds and sets, wants to run, good staff, box with minor scratches and some residue on the top, interior very good with some dirt and fading