Condition Report For Lot# 386 :
we noted the following on-line information for the X-Y machines: "In 1951, the F.L. Moseley Co. was formed in a California garage to manufacture the first commercially available models of the x-y recorder, called the Autograf line. For scientists and engineers everywhere, the Moseley x-y recorder meant that a means for automatically recording the relationship between two variables was finally available. Friction to heat, vibration to velocity, current to voltage—whatever the variables, the Autograf made it possible to trace them on chart paper automatically, rather than tracking them by hand. In 1958, HP acquired the Pasadena, California-based F.L. Moseley, complementing its highly diversified line of measuring and signal-generating instruments. The association made it possible to further develop and improve the graphic recording instruments, which by then had become a standard in the industry, and to correlate uses and applications with many HP products." The oscilloscope includes two leads and the operation manual. We have not tested these instruments; sold as is but appear complete and undamaged. Lot heavy and fragile for shipping. Our estimate is just our best guess for these vintage instruments.