Condition Report For Lot# 1034 :
this clock was formerly in the collection of the late Robert S. Rosen of Los Angeles. Around 40 years ago, the dial rings were sent for refinishing and got lost in the post and so new ones were ordered with a sketch of the information. Anyone who has ordered from Goodacre Engraving knows that whatever you write down, including style is what you will receive back, net result is that careful spelling and lettering of the tunes came back exactly as written on the paper, rather than in the style of the period. Similarly, a sketch of the chapter ring with calendar had the dates down with irregular spacing, and so it was made. If you can get past the need for better dial rings, what remains is quite wonderful, the clock playing 4 recognizable tunes at intervals and on request, the back plate very nicely engraved with foliate pattern, and the case with original caryatids and other trimmings, and the escapement has never been modified from the original. Tunes include GOD SAVE THE KING, RULE BRITANNIA, EASTER HYMN, & TARAS HALLS; Ht 27"