Condition Report For Lot# 949 :
Fully stenciled case in very nice condition. These cases used half round molding with raised corner blocks that appear to be unique to stencil cases. Five piece cherry backboard. Cabinetmaker's lot number 36 stamped on the frames. Movement held in the case with through bolts. Based on the click design to the barrel this movement was made Elnathan Taber who was supplying movements to Willard. There is evidence the case had side arms now missing. Original dial held into the case with two L-turns. On close examination of the dial one can see the fine cracks associated with very old paint. This dial could have been cleaned and repainted with the signature being recreated and clear finish such as shellac or varnish applied that has now turned yellow. Both tablets are close matches to an example in Foley's book on Willard's Patent Time Pieces, page 137. If these are not the original tablets they could have been copied from the original if they were damaged. These tablets appear original in every way; they are held in the frame with a piece of cane or reed as there no evidence that glue blocks were used. Weight is not original. Finial is old and may be original. Top glass is missing. Period winding key. Ht 36"
Estimate: $5000 - $8000