Condition Report For Lot# 853 :
overall very good to excellent original condition. Vienna occupies a prominent spot on the Danube River, and Budapest flanks the river, not far away in Hungary, with the result that Hungarian clock making was highly influenced by the Viennese. Since Buda and Pesth were not united as a single city until 1873, this dial shows the city as Pesth. This is a nice hand made clock with fine wheels and tiny pivots, typical of the day. At this time of manufacture, the dials were not often fired again after the application of the numerals and name, with the result that there are losses to the paint. Typical of this style, the door to the hood swings open for winding and hand setting, or the entire hood slides forward for movement maintenance. Center and bottom frames "lift up and out". There are countless books on Viennese clocks, however one reference with several Latern examples is Kaltenböck's treatise titled "Viennese Timepieces" (1993) pages 193--207. A final note is that this style is still produced in the Czech Republic and other eastern countries, however this example is a period piece. This is an attractive smaller example with 5.7" dial. Ht 35"
Estimate: $15000 - $20000