Condition Report For Lot# 395 :
the glass-side case has a good original finish but is missing its crest and finials. The white porcelain dial and beat scale are good, as are the metal gridiron pendulum and fancy movement bracket. The movement with rear count wheel is numbered 30868 and stamped "Deutches Reichs Patent No. 55006". An identical movement is shown in an NAWCC on-line query, with the following reply: "the German Patent-Nr. 55006 was registered in May 1890 for Heinrich Kielmann in Ruhrort. Kielmann was an inventor for several clock-patents (Nr. 55006 describes a detail on the pendulum) and in 1890-95 he offered movements for Vienna regulators in advertisements. Your movement looks very much like a C-Werner-movement to me..." Ht 26.5"
Estimate: $200 - $300