Condition Report For Lot# 638:
the case retains its original finish and original ivory knobs and has minor veneer flakes above 10 and on lower left side. The dial is probably an early 20th century repaint now signed "Joseph Ives, New York", who invented the wagon spring mechanism. There is minor touch up to the lower glass. Please see Brooks Palmer "The Book of American Clocks", fig 239 for this exact clock and also "The Clocks of Irenus Atkins" by Phil Gregory, page 66. Ht 25" Ives licensed the use of his wagon spring to Atkins & Whiting (1850-1855), and to Atkins Clock Mfg. Co. (1855-1858). In 1858 Ives forbid the latter firm to use his wagon spring clock. Presumably all the examples manufactured after the new firm Atkins Clock Co. was formed in 1859 had only the fusee movement for their 30-day models. The signature on this dial is spurious. The dials on these were never signed, though because of this clock's photo being published 60 years ago, this signature has wrongly been put on many repainted dials of this model. (C. Bailey, 2011)
Estimate: $2500 - $3500