Condition Report For Lot# 562:
the painted metal dial has been re-blacked over the original Arabic numerals [a special request, as 99% of these dials had Roman numerals]. There is some loss to the original crazed base dial paint, notably around the winding holes and especially at 10 o'clock. The original movement is clearly signed Howard & Davis, Boston, is complete and sound, held into the case with tabs at the rear plate. The heavy suspension bridge that spans both plates to hold the pendulum is intact. Diamond time hands and seconds hand are original. The gilt pendulum stick is original, and the bob retains its original brushed pattern [careful not to polish it off]. The rosewood graining on the case is especially nice with lively appearance. Best part is the original tablets that are nicely crazed and have received NO restoration. Pendulum hold down tab is present, just was off during photo Weight and bob have been removed from the clock for ease of transport. Ht 50"
Estimate: $7000 - $10000