Condition Report For Lot# 556:
The original dial has minor surface stains and fingerprints. The large and robustly made movement has a dead beat escapement with jeweled pallets, and with vernier beat adjustment on top of the verge. The original Howard pendulum is numbered "208-2472", and retains 4 sealed metallic jars of mercury.. Retains proper 'inverted Y style pulley' out of brass and proper weight with original lacquer discolored (dark). Rod has some surface corrosion, and some of the nickel finish on the jars has been polished away. The walnut case with burled appliques in the base, top and door front and finely carved trim has been professionally refinished with satin/med-gloss finish. Retains properly indexed beat scale on a walnut riser in the bottom of the case. There are minor nicks and scrapes to the base, commensurate with the age of the item. Front door glass is replaced with modern glass. Ht 94"
Estimate: $90000 - $120000