Condition Report For Lot# 211:
the movements are in good running order (wind and tick). The finish and damascene are in excellent condition. The one detraction from this rare piece is the crack in the top glass which is acid etched with maker's name. The item is marked E. Stockwell's Patent. September 21st, 1875, with several additional patents and patent dates. This was Yale's first time lock, and is probably one of the finest, complex and most beautiful ever made. Available with either 56 hour, or after 1885, 72 hour movements. These were very expensive new at $400. The ring indicating the day of the week around each pin dial is known commonly known as the "Sunday dial" and was available for an additional $50. This unusual mechanism would prevent the timer from unlocking on Sundays. Ht 3", Wdt 7", Depth 6"
Estimate: $1000 - $1200