Condition Report For Lot# 560:
overall good original condition, but things that keep this from being excellent include a 1/4 inch piece of plywood screwed to the original back to strengthen cracks in the back. A careful workman could probably remove this. Second thing is a replaced pendulum bob, carefully machined from a solid chunk of brass. {A good original Welch pendulum can be found through the Mart or on eBay}. Last, the pendulum rod is normally wood on this model, and it is now steel. Entire case has been lightly varnished over. Good Welch and good Gale instruction labels [total 2]. The small inner bezel that is opened to wind the clock has been reinforced with a hand-wrought circle of brass and 23 wood screws. We've sold several of these in the 9000--12000 range and have tried to allow for restoration in this estimate. Included is a detailed repair receipt from Chas Tarr of Wolfeboro, who cleaned and oiled the clock in Dec 1990 for the sum of $10 {ten}. Ht 31"
Estimate: $4000 - $5000