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The Manchester Downtown Hotel (formerly the Radisson Hotel), Manchester, NH

Lot#: 511

DESCRIPTION: Clocks- 2 (Two) Vienna regulators: (1) C. Suchy & Sohne, Vienna, Austria, 30 hour, time and grande sonnerie strike on two gongs, movement driven by two springs and one weight in a serpentine wood case with some walnut veneer, enamel dial signed "Suchy", c1865. (2) Gustav Becker, Freiberg, Germany, 8 day, time and strike, weight driven movement in a walnut and walnut veneer altdeutsch style case, c1875.
CONDITION: (1) Case has been refinished to a very glossy surface. Door with split in the lower right. Some veneer losses to the base. Signed white enamel dial three fine hairline cracks, but is otherwise quite good. Hands are in good condition. One of the side glasses has a small break in the lower corner. Pendulum rod and crest have been repaired. (2) Case has a fairly good original finish. The top of the door is split. Dial is in very good condition. Lower final has been repaired. Female mask on crest has a bit of damage. Pulleys are mismatched. Engraved brass weights are nice, but don't quite match the dial and pendulum Signed movement is serial number 410510. Dimensions are for the Suchy (1) .
ESTIMATE: $600 - $800
CIRCA: 1865/1875
DIMENSIONS: 43in x 17in x 6in