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The Manchester Downtown Hotel (formerly the Radisson Hotel), Manchester, NH

French Industrial Series and European

Lot#: 280

DESCRIPTION: Auguste Moinau et Rolland Degrege, Paris, a good, two day, weight driven skeleton clock with thermometer, a pair of turned columns flanking the silvered thermometer scale, and supporting the well finished, pierced brass frames enclosing the four wheel train with recoil escapement, the back plate signed by the makers and with serial number 16, roman numeral silvered dial with blued steel Breguet style hands, brass clad weight and counterweights suspended from decorated ring link chain, and wound by pulling a cord, all surmounted by a gilt eagle resting on a silvered sphere, and resting on an oblong, inlaid, rosewood veneered base, and contained within a large glass dome with conforming, velvet lined socle
CONDITION: all brass, excepting the eagle and chain, has been polished and lacquered, thermometer scale with tarnish, dial restored, sphere supporting eagle resilvered, hands with spots of oxide, sheet iron plate on top of rosewood base now painted black, rosewood base with minor splits and repairs, pendulum good, movement running, dome dirty and with scratches, socle refinished and relined. A few examples of this style skeleton clock are known bearing the signature of Simon Willard on the thermometer scale, in addition to having the names of Moinau & Degrege on the back plate. See "The Willard House and Clock Museum and The Willard Family Clockmakers," by Dr. Roger W. Robinson and Herschel B. Burt, pp. 203-204 for illustrations of an example in the Willard House collection.
ESTIMATE: $10000 - $15000
CIRCA: 1835
DIMENSIONS: 25in x 19in x 12in

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Lot#: 280A

DESCRIPTION: A. Cadot, Place Dauphine, Paris, a mahogany, gilt bronze mounted, floating turtle mystery clock, the case with square base on cast scroll feet, the upper portion with incurved sides with bronze mounts and molded top, supporting a water filled pewter bowl, the rim with engraved roman numerals, and arabic 15 minute markers, the turtle floating, and indicating the time, driven by a magnetic ring attached to the timepiece movement with lever platform concealed in the base, the back plate signed Samuel Marti, the front with Cadot's mark
CONDITION: case in an old finish, with minor marks and scratches, mounts dirty, upper section warped, wooden cap below bowl partially detached, movement dirty, not running, will tick briefly, balance spring rusty, magnetic turtle complete, two others with amputations, one missing cork
ESTIMATE: $3000 - $4000
CIRCA: 1900
DIMENSIONS: 6.25in x 11in x 11in

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Lot#: 281

DESCRIPTION: France, possibly Andre Romain Guilmet, a rare silvered and gilt brass, automated, battleship form compendium, the vessel bow with ram, fourteen cannon, and four anchors, the gilt deck with capstan containing a compass, two revolving gun turrets, one having an 11 jewel lever timepiece, with roman numeral silvered dial and blued steel trefoil hands, the other with aneroid barometer, also with silvered dial, the stacks with mounted Fahrenheit and Centigrade thermometers, the stern with ships wheel and flag, above the articulated rudder and revolving propeller, a movement concealed in the ship's hull providing power to the turrets and propeller, which may be started and stopped at will by a projection attached to the rudder, all mounted to a rectangular, molded, green onyx base with gilt trim and feet
CONDITION: onyx with minor flakes and one small chip at rear left, minor areas of tarnish where lacquer has been scratched, thermometer scales with minor tarnish, one Y shaped anchor hanger missing, bow flag missing, deck dirty and with a few spots of verdigris, turrets with a few minor scratches, barometer dial with tarnish, clock dial restored, clock running, barometer functional, clockwork for automation functional, would benefit from service
ESTIMATE: $20000 - $30000
PRICE SOLD: $20000
CIRCA: 1890
DIMENSIONS: 14.75in x 18in x 7.5in

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Lot#: 282

DESCRIPTION: France, possibly Andre Romain Guilmet, a rare, automated, oscillating cylinder steam engine timepiece, the honey onyx square base on gilt feet, and supporting the black bronze boiler with cove molded top and bottom, below the engine itself, comprised of a large, A frame supported, spoked flywheel, connected to a rocking cylinder through a cranked linkage, the movement powering the automation contained in a black enclosure behind the engine, the enclosure top with a rotating governor in a bell shaped frame behind the wheel, surrounded by four silvered columns, and surmounted by an X shaped, arched frame with central spherical finial, the 11 jewel lever platform movement with Roman numeral silvered dial and blued steel Breguet style hands
CONDITION: base with minor flakes and chips, original surfaces now lacking their gilt, silvered and patinated finishes, boiler, cylinder, flywheel, top frame and movement enclosure now painted black, the other surfaces cleaned and lacquered, dial restored, movement with replaced platform, running, automation working. Flywheel appears to retain a bright, nickel plated surface below the paint, other components may also retain evidence of their original surface treatment as well.
ESTIMATE: $20000 - $30000
PRICE SOLD: $17000
CIRCA: 1880
DIMENSIONS: 18in x 7.25in x 7.25in

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Lot#: 283

DESCRIPTION: France- Andre Romain Guilmet, a rare Industrial steam boiler compendium with centrifugal governor pendulum, the stepped black slate base supporting a compass on a decorative stand, before a boiler with gilt and patinated silver surfaces and ribbed, copper base matching the clock case, the top having a cylindrical chamber with vent pipes attached to gauge form, flanking, white dialed thermometer and barometer, and concealing the helical suspension spring controlling the centrifugal governor form pendulum, Arabic numeral gilt dial, blued steel distaff hands, and 8 day pendule de Paris time and strike movement with Guilmet's mark and modifications
CONDITION: base with minor flakes, front right, metal components dirty, polish residue, losses to silvering and gilding, barometer and thermometer cases with later finish, compass glass cracked, minor verdigris, dial with rubbing and minor staining, movement running and striking, would benefit from service. A very rare model.
ESTIMATE: $20000 - $25000
PRICE SOLD: $14500
CIRCA: 1890
DIMENSIONS: 17.5in x 11.5in x 7.75in

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Lot#: 284

DESCRIPTION: France, a rare, automated, patinated bronze locomotive form compendium, the stepped, black slate base on gilt feet with patinated rails below the large, steam locomotive, the darker surfaces highlighting the nickel, brass, and copper appointments, the engine front with cow catcher, the boiler with aneroid barometer, bell, steam dome with valve and flared stack with centigrade thermometer, the cab with shallow pitched roof, slender columns at the corners, and containing the clock and dial, a concealed movement in the base providing power to drive the six wheels, connecting rods, and piston, roman numeral brass dial, blued steel Breguet style hands, and 8 day, two train pendule de Paris movement
CONDITION: base with a few tiny flakes, feet loose, patination with losses, cow catcher with minor bends, bell stand with repair, steel connecting rods with shallow pitting and oxide, a few screws missing, auxiliary movement running, would benefit from service, barrel arbor with incorrect repair, bezel, dial and movement replaced, movement ticks, strike does not release at the hour and half hour, will strike if manually released, barometer dial loose, barometer glass with edge chips
ESTIMATE: $15000 - $20000
PRICE SOLD: $14500
CIRCA: 1890
DIMENSIONS: 16.75in x 20.75in x 9.375in

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Lot#: 285

DESCRIPTION: France, a rare, gilt and patinated, automated steam engine compendium, the horizontal boiler mounted to a cast floor with crosshatched surface, and resting on a black slate base, boiler fitted with an 8 day, timepiece and aneroid barometer, both with silvered dials and flanking the central thermometer with silvered scale, and surmounted by the engine flywheel, governor, cylinder and valve, the flywheel, piston, and governor powered by a movement concealed in the cylinder, the motion started and stopped through the screw in the cylinder valve, the valve front with plaque marked "D. H. Depose"
CONDITION: restored finish, silvered dials and scale with minor toning, governor with minor bend, timepiece with replaced platform, needs encouragement to start, thermometer not working, barometer appears to be working, automation working, clockwork driving the motion runs erratically, speeds up and slows down, and sometimes refuses to run, will need service
ESTIMATE: $12000 - $15000
PRICE SOLD: $10000
CIRCA: 1900
DIMENSIONS: 11in x 11in x 5.25in

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Lot#: 286

DESCRIPTION: Robin Pere, a Paris, a marble and gilt bronze mystery clock, the variegated, green marble, portico style case with fluted pilasters flanking the dial, and supporting the entablature, surmounted by a gilt column with eagle finial, with knife edge stud for suspending the gridiron pendulum, signed, Roman numeral white enamel dial with pierced and engraved gilt hands, 8 day, two train movement striking the hours and half hour in passing,
CONDITION: dirty, gilding with minor losses and minor spotting, molding at column base with verdigris, tiny flakes at edges of marble, minor filled losses and voids in marble, dial with minor flakes at winding arbors, pendulum with minor staining and tarnish, movement with minor scratches and staining, runs and strikes correctly
ESTIMATE: $6500 - $7500
CIRCA: 1785
DIMENSIONS: 25in x 7.5in x 4in

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Lot#: 287

DESCRIPTION: Blumberg & Co. Ltd., Paris & London, a four dial, architectural, tower form clock, the ebonized case with deeply molded, stepped base, supporting cavetto molded frames containing beveled mirrors with polychrome painted floral ornament, and surmounted by a cube with pedimented top, containing the transmission gearing for four, roman numeral white enamel dials with blued steel Breguet style hands and beveled glasses in brass bezels, the dials signed "Hry. Marc", the base containing an 8 day, timepiece with oval plates and lever platform, the base also bearing an embossed, brass tag marked "Patent Brevete S.G.D.C. Blumberg & Co. Ltd Paris & London"
CONDITION: case with minor splits in base and top, some mirror frame miters with gaps at joints, mirrors with losses to silver and losses to painted decoration, minor veneer loss, minor losses to ebonizing, top with gaps at miter joints, two turned gable ornaments missing, finial missing, dials, hands, and glasses good, movement running, transmission working correctly
ESTIMATE: $2000 - $3000
CIRCA: 1880
DIMENSIONS: 18in x 7in x 7in

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