Condition Report For Lot# 938 :
the trim to case top is absent [2 holes are there]. Would have been a carving, stained dark to match corners and tail piece. Otherwise this is a well made Viennese clock, and Schönberger is well known for his attention to quality and detail. Pendulum has a brass impulse "pad" rather than slot, and the beat setter on the movement has widely spaced pins that span the impulse pad. Nice delicate 4-spoke pulleys. Porcelain dial is excellent and with the original signature of the maker intact [don't try to clean signature or you will damage it]. Dial also with beautiful cast bezel which retains some of its original gilding. Beautiful original hands. Locking door, but key absent. Brass pendulum bob is perfect with no dents. Separate vertical gong standard mounts to seat board.