Condition Report For Lot# 933 :
there are some issues, primarily some filled holes in the upper case back, two behind the movement, and two smaller ones from the suspension block, which has been moved to the very top of the case-back. The movement does appear to keep time however it is uncommon to have the suspension point at the extreme limit of the case, and the pendulum bob somewhat smaller than the eye would predict for a case of this width. To begin with, this is already a long case, with 35" door. One would expect a 72 beat movement, but this one seems to be closer to 68 beats/min. The seat board on movement is old, however the slide mounts in the case appear to be newer. Good bench made movement has a separate vertical gong standard attached to the seat board, Hands are delicate and original to the movement. Dial and cast bezel are excellent. If you can live with the inconsistencies, this is a great looking clock.