Condition Report For Lot# 911 :
case with minor restorations and French polished over old finish, minor marks and dings, bezel mounting board (mask) replaced, glasses replaced, dial resilvered and with repainted numerals, signature restored, dial center below 12:00 showing rivets from mounting tab, dial center re-gilded, some edge roughness, hands are well made reproductions, copies of proper style; movement with minor marks and scratches, ticks, pendulum ball with a few dents, and one major crease that has been repaired; ebonizing on pendulum rod refreshed nicely, weight with minor dents. Back plate of the movement is photographed without the crutch. See "Viennese Timepieces" by F. Kaltenbock, pages 184 - 185, plates 399, 400 for an identical clock by this maker. Unique to this maker, the entire bottom front glass and top molding & frame slide all the way up for removal, rather than simply lift out.